phoenix ashes
dreams, dormious projectionous potion and red leather (chapter 6)



Severus glared at Sirius," I will not let you pin me down, however if
I have to take it, you'll have to take it as well."

"Deal."Sirius agreed."Why do I feel I've just made a deal with the

"Do I look like Lucifer to you?"

"Well with that hair..."Sirius muttered, "Jeeze Snape, when did you
last get some action? Was it last year? Never prehaps? Maybe if you
got a haircut, washed it, you might look halfway decent and then you
might actually get some..."

"If I cut my hair, you know who I'll really look like then..Look,
this isn't the time or the place, and just for that you're going
first.." Severus interrupted.

"Oh no, after you..Remember I'll pour it down your throat..."

"No you first..."

"What's the matter, afraid of a little potion and you call yourself a
Potion's Master?"

"Fine, I'll go first but I'm warning you, Black, I won't be
reponsible for my dreams..." Severus ground out.Severus drank the
potion and grimaced,"Urgh! That stuff tastes worse than Steven's
cooking and that's saying something.."

"Insulting your own brother now, Snape, that won't do."

'Please be a really boring dream. I don't want anyone to see my
secrets...' Severus thought, just before the potion took effect.