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General Sites

Dark Mark - The most comprehensive HP Site there is. Has up-to-the-minute news and info!
Mugglenet - A close second. Tons of info with different layouts for each major character!
The Leaky Cauldron - Another comprehensive HP site with a Harry Potter BLog! Weee!
Harry Potter Lexicon - An online guide to Harry Potter. Your encyclopedia to the magical world!
Harry Potter Network - More HP info! Yea!

Fanwork Sites

Diagon Alley - Center for fanfiction and other material with an older focus. Not smut, but not for kiddies!
Fiction Alley - HUGE Archive of fanfiction seperated into pages for each genre. Great selection!
The Restricted Section - Home for all of us adult fanfiction authors. Offers PG-13 and up, with a vast array of NC-17 reading material. Definately not for the kids!
Death Eaters Ink - One of my personal favorites. Darkfics, mainly Snape-centric. Inspired a lot of my work. Check it out!
The Asylum - A nice little collection of slash fics. Mainly focused on adult HP characters (Yea Marauders!)
Nox et Lumos - A Malfoy family fanfic archive. Can get kinky. Has some nice art too. Not for the faint of heart!
Les Societe des Femmes Dangereuse - A Snape/Hermione fanfiction archive. One of my favorite pairings. Don't ask me why.
Black and Silver - A Malfoy men and Snape slash archive. Fanart as well. Very delectable. Slytherins are sexy, woo!
La Petit Mort - A Snape slash site. Includes art and fiction by Snaples. Very good quality!
HP Whylde - Mel's collection of Slytherin based fanart and fanfiction. Very good, give it click!
Nasubionna's Harry Potter Tribute - Nasubionna's personal collection of Harry Potter fanart. Some of the best on the net!
Magic Alley - A very cute Harry Potter general fanart site. Emphasis mainly on the trio. Very kawaii!
Art Dungeon - Despite the foreboding title, a very cute, cuddly fanart site focused on our heros. It's okay to love the good guys once in a while!
The Well at the World's End - AMAZING Japanese fanart site (with English version readily available!) Style is very dark and shadowy. Focused mainly on Snape, but plenty of other character illustrations as well!
Every Flavour - Vast fanart archive with a little something for everyone. Adult art included!
Phoenix Tears - Easily the largest quality fanart archive out there. Sorted by artist. Check it out!

Shrines/Miscellaneous Sites

Floo Me Baby! A HUGE Harry Potter link list. Has everything you could possibly think of!
HP Button Exchange - Harry Potter buttons! Yea! For use on your site or just to have. Tons of fun if you're bored!
HP Downloads - Downloadable Harry Potter stuff. Website stuff, blinkies, cursors, media, all that good shit. Kicks mass amounts of ass!
Giverius Navarroy and the Chamber of Surprises - Hilarious Harry Potter parody movie posters. Includes such gems as Star Wands, A Clockwork Yellow, and Planet of the Snapes!
Pour Some Sugar on Me - My friend and affiliate. A Harry/Ron ship site with loads of funny crap to keep you entertained for hours!
Malicous Intent - A shrine to the lovely Lucius Malfoy. Includes quotes and a vast array of film pics!
Bad Faith - A shrine to the combined sexiness of Harry, Lucius, Draco, AND Oliver Wood. What's not to love?
Blond and Blonde - A rather unique little shrine to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Includes fanfiction, fanart, and editorials. A Lucius het site! I couldn't believe it at first either!

Non- Harry Potter Sites

Homestar Runner - The god of all internet comedy sites. If you have never seen this, I pity you. Strong Bad is king!
Adult Swim - Official site for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim cartoon block. Has a schedule, episode info, and video clips. All hail Brak!
Animega - A huge archive of non-hentai anime pictures. Focused mainly on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Very awesome!
NIN.Com - Official site for the band Nine Inch Nails. Why? Because Trent Reznor is my God. Damn, God is sexy...
The Art of Self Destruction - Another Nine Inch Nails site. More comprehensive than the official one. Lots of sexy Trentpics. Yea! Purr!
Rasputina - Official site for Rasputina, the AMAZING all-female cello goth-rock band. I strongly encourage all to check them out! Best thing to happen to music since Pink Floyd!
Johnny Depp Fan - HUGE fansite to the Kentucky-born actor/lust object of webmistress. Massive photo gallery and info on every film he's ever done!
The Dewdrop Garden - Gigantic anime site! Includes fanart, fanfiction, episode downloads, and much more!

Broken Links? Suggested Sites?