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Harry Potter OOP Review!!! (Finally!)

Okay, so I'm finally reviewing the latest edition of Harry. All I can say is...WOW. Truly, truly amazing. J.K. Rowling was right - it is darker, more intense, and definitely more emotional. Spoilers below -- highlight text to read


This book definately made me hate Percy and the Ministry even more, and Dolores Umbridge is easily the most insufferable character J.K. has ever introduced. By the time the book was halfway through, I wanted to strangle her personally...although her sadistic punishment tactics were rather interesting...But anyway, I was thrilled that they re-introduced Lupin and (the real) Moody. Tonks was a pretty cool character, if not slightly annoying at times, and the character of Mundungus Fletcher provided some much needed comic relief.

Perhaps one of the things that I loved the most about this book was the new character complexities and the uncertainties lying between good and evil. (Believe me, I cried more than once while reading OOP.) I have a newfound respect for Neville and Mrs. Weasley. The scene in which the trio run into Neville visiting his parents at St. Mungo's is truly heatbreaking. (The candy wrapper!) Mrs. Weasley also displays unconditional, unwavering love for her children and Harry.

Of course, my lovely Lucius played a part in moving the story along. Too bad he's in Azkaban now :(  For the time being...(insert evil laugh, teee!) The Death Eaters were totally, evilly cool ('evilly' is probably not a very good adjective, but what the hell) and I was startled to find that Narcissa is Sirius Black's blood relative, and therefore distantly related to Lucius and Draco. (Pure bloods are all interelated...hmmm...incestuous! lol!)


And speaking of Sirius...


No one saw it coming...Poor Sirius...poor poor Sirius, and Harry, and Lupin. (I'm gonna miss mah Padfoot! WHAAAA!!!) He was just becoming one of my favorite characters in this book. I was so upset to see him go. (The Star wrote an obituary for him :) ) R.I.P. to Padfoot...(moment of silence)

 Harry has become so much more angry and angst-ridden in this book, I love it. After seeing death twice, he certainly has grown up tremendously. Also, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love Snape. I feel even more empathetic towards him now, after seeing how horribly James treated him. I kinda feel bad for Harry, too, living with the knowledge that his father was an insufferable git when he was Harry's age. On a lighter note, Harry's trials and tribulations with Cho (not to mention, his FIRST KISS! WHEEE!!!) were nothing short of entertaining...Our little Harry's growing up, heee!


All things considered, not only did book five suceed its predecessors in maturity, wit, and wisdom, but it left much to speculate upon. Indeed, I've already been formulating a multitude of new theories sprung from its pages...many of which I'll try to post as soon as I can. But, with that said, if you haven't read it (God forbid!) READ IT!!! and let me know your thoughts on it (e-mail addy below). That's all I have to say!

Random Thought #1: Harry Potter and Religion
Think about it...never in the four novels does JK mention anything about a divine being of any sort. This subtle lack of religious reference made me think--do wizards practice religion? Or is religion simply a Muggle device. I mean, Voldemort himself is paralelled to Satan in many ways. I suppose, if you like to overanalyze (and who doesn't! Whoo!), Harry Potter could be thought of as a saviour in the religious sense...I kinda tried to play up the Voldemort as a dark deity idea in my Devil's Obsession fic. I don't know, I'm probably bizarre for thinking about this, but hey, I'm an obsessive little fangirl, teee! If you have any comments or discussion on this topic (except that I am, in fact, an overly obsessed fangeek and that I should be fed to large, furry animals with very sharp teeth for making this observation) please e-mail me at! (Let me know if you do not want your comment posted on this page...It's goin' up otherwise, brutha!)

Have another random Harry Potter thought or theory that you'd like to share? Send it to ("address already listed twice on this page, foo!" ~ Mr. T) and I'll post it!

Comments? Suggestions? Death Threats?