phoenix ashes
the path of the serpent (chapter 9)



  by Ejab

"That is one thing I actually do like about you, Severus," Remus said imperturable. "You never leave any room for misconceptions. Just out of curiosity, what is the first option?"

"You don't need to know since you will never be the one who could deliver that service."

"Fair enough you surprise me, though. The one time we did something somewhat physical, you nearly threw up on me."

Snape seemed rather fond of that visual image, judging by the way the corners of his mouth started to curl. "True, and as you already stated before, we would never be each other's first choice. Just see it for what it is - relief of stress. A blowjob here and a fuck there. Nothing more and nothing less. So?"

Remus leaned back against the cold stone wall and crossed his arms before his chest. "I am not as stupid as you take me for, Severus. Yes, it is to relief stress but isn't it also about Malfoy? He put that hex on you, didn't he? He would be the only one I know of to get away with that without me finding a corpse lying on the floor the moment I walked in."

"Very good, very good indeed." Snape looked at him with a hint of approval in his voice.

"I can live with that." Lupin chuckled.

"You can?" Somehow the potions master seemed to have expected more resistance.

"Yes, I can. And it's not such a bad deal, isn't it? I will also get my pleasure from it. Contrary to what you may think, I am also a person with needs."

"Ah yes, how could I forget you're not getting any lately, do you?" Snape sneered.

"Don't go there, Severus. Not if you want the deal." Remus warned him sternly. There was some unspoken battle of wills for a moment before the potions master broke the standoff and walked to his bedroom. Standing in the doorway, he looked back at the DADA teacher.

"Convince me," was all he said, before disappearing in to the room.

That man was unbelievable at times. Remus shook his head and followed Snape in to the bedroom. Where he found him already lying on the bed, naked.

"You really don't waste any time, I see."

"Never. Well? What are you waiting for? Dinner?"

"Damn. Again no dinner and a movie not even flowers!" After giving the potions master a mock-affronted glare, Remus also undressed and joined him on the large bed. They both silently and without any trace of shame examened the other body with their eyes.

"We both seem to collect scars, I see," Lupin smiled faintly, tracing a white scar on Severus' thigh.

"You win. Now, get on with it, will you?" Snape sighed impatiently.

"Mmm how to convince you" mumbling, Remus moved and slowly started to kiss his way up from the potions master's left thigh to his belly-button, down to his right thigh and then down onto the more sensitive skin of the innerthigh while his left hand duplicated every move on the other side. Spreading Snape's legs wider, he moved his mouth upwards until he came very close to the other man's cock, only to carefully avoid that particulair area and go down again, making sure to stroke the balls ever so lightly and fleetingly. It was all about butterfly touches and soft breaths without real physical contact for some while. And although his cock was starting to get somewhat semi-erect, so far Snape wasn't really impressed nor particulary aroused.

Remus could read it in his body posture and decided to speed things up. Apparently the potions master was not interested in any foreplay. Or gentle handling. As he discovered when he grabbed the man's balls and squeezed them harder than he really had intended to do. The action was immediately rewarded with a load moan. Okay, if that was the way he wanted to play Lupin at once set about it in the right way, licked his way up from the root to the top of the now speedily growing cock and encouraged it by sucking hard, then sliding down and taking the balls in his mouth to suck on them. Snape gave a hoarse groan and dug his hands in the bedsheets. But before he could get used to the feeling, his balls were realeased and teeth nibbled very gently around his slit. Severus hissed, making absolutely sure he did not move an inch. The next moment Remus' hands for a short moment fixed his hips to the mattress so he didn't need to worry about that anymore. Only feel. Feel how his now hard cock was surrounded by warm wet heat and Remus sucked him again, stroking one hand up and down his shaft while the fingers of his other hand started to torture that deliciously sensitive spot between his balls and anus. He sighed contentedly and moaned softly.

Remus started to alternate the sucking of his cock with sucking his balls. And sucked harder every time. Harder and harder.

"Oh gods, yesoh Merlinoh no, too haahyes yes yesohgodsohgods" Snape's rambling indicated that it was both pleasure and torture at the same time but he did nothing to stop it. On the contrary, soon he encouraged Remus to "give me moremoreharder, harder!"

Lupin was obliging him with pleasure. It was a great experience to see this always so controlled man lose all his inhibitions and see him so completely wanton. And when his fingers found the man's prostate and played with that, Severus only groaned and begged and cursed for more.

Until he totally lost it and came with a loud scream. Remus eagerly swallowed every single last drop. Looking up he saw a sweaty flushed face with open mouth and closed eyes and enjoyed the sight for a moment. Then he gave one last lick to the now softening cock and crawled up.


Snape slowly returned back on earth, opened his eyes and stared at the werewolf who was once again, smiling.

"Yes, that was quite adequate."

"Obnoxious greasy git!" Remus laughed out load, not in the least put out with what was clearly an underestimation. "We have a deal, then."

Guessing that his 'partner' was not the cuddling kind, not with him anyway, Remus stood up, got dressed and left without any further ceremony. It was strictly a business arrangement, right?

Severus watched him leave and pulled the sheets up. He had to give the werewolf credit - he was good at giving head. Quite good. Not as good as Lucius - that man could suck the core out of any wand - but still good. Oh yes, this would be a very satisfactory deal. He had no doubts about that. He might even return th

A feeling of nausea swept over him while cold sweet appeared on his forehead. That always happened when his Mark started to burn. And burn it did. The Dark Lord was calling him.

Oh Merlin even until this very day he felt panic rising every time The Dark Lord called him.

He slowly got out of bed and took a quick shower after which he dressed himself in the appropriate outfit, while concentrating on suppressing and concealing the fear. That always took some time because every time he was summoned, he wondered if he had been found out. If he would be the only one to be called.

Still working on getting the right mindset, he left the castle using the only secret passage that could not be detected. Not even by Potter's map, as he had seen the one time he managed to get his hands on the bloody thing. The magic concealing this passage was too ancient and too strong. With the courtesy of Dumbledore. He needed to leave and get to the castle without any change of possible detection, while spying.

He quickly walked towards the outer grounds, knowing he had to leave the schoolgrounds to be able to Apparate. A good thing the werewolf had already left oh gods, he hated this no, no more thinking. Concentrate and focus. Just concentrate and focus.

And while Snape Apparated to meet up with his Lord, far away in a Manor in Wiltshire another Mark started to burn.