phoenix ashes
the path of the serpent



Chapter One
by ejab


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"Lucius! What a pleasant surprise to see you here."

"Headmaster," Lucius looked around, amazed. He had spent his years here at Hogwarts but never had he seen this room. It had to be one of Hogwarts many secret chambers. "If I may ask, what is this room filled with exactly?"

"Ah, just the hobby of an old man, Lucius. In this room I keep all sorts of symbols"--Dumbledore wove his hand casually at the countless artifacts on several tables, walls, and even the floor--" that represent the views of many different sections of the human population about their origin," he paused, giving Lucius quite a naughty look, "shall we say, right of existence." The curling of the corners of the old man's mouth told Lucius of what he already suspected he was being provoked, although he was sure Dumbledore would call it teasing. Nevertheless, he felt it a disparagement to his honour to give the old goat the satisfaction of starting a debate concerning the existence of certain breathing creatures. So he just nodded curtly.

"Regrettably, I have business to attend to, but please feel free to rummage around if you feel like it, Lucius. Just shut the door when you leave, will you? It was a pleasure seeing you. Good day, Lucius."

Dumbledore gave him a little smile before he walked out of the room and closed the door. Lucius sighed. The man really was incorrigible; he could never resist an attempt to convert him. But, as long as he was here, a quick look around wouldn't hurt. Despite the origin, he could always appreciate good works of craftsmanship and art. And there certainly were several beautiful pieces here.

He walked towards a painting that immediately caught his attention. The quality of the picture was appalling, and the same could be said for the composition and use of colour; but the representation itself was, to say the least, alluring. A slender man nailed onto a wooden cross, a crown of thorns around his head, blood dripping down his face and more on his side where he was being stabbed with some kind of sword. The agony depicted on his face was simply delicious.

Yes, this he could really appreciate.

Continuing his exploration, Lucius stopped suddenly again. There, on a small delicate table right in front of him, stood two of the most beautiful little sculptures he had ever seen. The first one was simply a snake with its head lifted, and when his fingers lovingly caressed the fragile sculpture, he could actually feel the scales all the way down to the end of its tail. Ah yes, such craftsmanship. And such dedication. Not to mention the good taste of the maker. And this second sculpture had even more beauty and good taste! He carefully picked it up and smiled at the serpent which had it fangs buried in a dying lion. Ah, the things it represented, especially here at Hogwarts. The never-ending battle with those repulsive Gryffindors, the hexes, some really memorable incidents. Ah yes, such a breathtaking metaphor!

Not to mention the seduction of one Severus Snape. Somehow he never could think about Hogwarts without the image of a thoroughly shagged Severus creeping up into his mind. That beautiful flushed face, intense burning dark eyes, gorgeous red swollen lips (the things that man could do with those lips!) begging for more and ah, that delicate white flesh. A certain part of his anatomy confirmed the memories. Mmm, better not go there right now he still had some walking to do...

Smiling coldly, Lucius slipped the sculptures into the pockets of his robe and left the room. Once outside he stopped, closed the door, and looked to his left and right. The hall was deserted and the only things moving were the shadows created by the flickering torches. Quite peaceful ambience.

Well, since he had delivered the boxes filled with cakes and other sweets to his son, he really should go back home now. Or he could pay Severus a surprise visit. He hadn't seen the man for nearly 3 months now because he had been so bloody busy with his work at the Ministry, And knowing his dark angel as he did, the man would feel very neglected and probably insulted too. There really wasn't a decision to be made here, now was there?

So without any further delay Lucius headed for the dungeons, where he found Severus sitting at his desk grading papers. Really, how predictable could he get?

"Well, now, if that isn't one Lucius Malfoy." Severus looked up with a cold stare. "Dont tell me the wards actually still recognised you?" Yep, definitely insulted.

"Curiously enough, they did." Lucius ignored the scornful look and closed the door. "Although they seemed to have developed this sense of duty which made them rant at me about my lack of respect and my disregard concerning your feelings and so on. But, as you can see, they let me in." Better to raise the subject and get it over with. He slowly made his way forward.

"Well, they are very protective of me and yes, it would have been nice"--Oh gods, where did that word come from?--"to hear from you sooner." Severus put down his quill and sighed.

"You are absolutely right." Lucius threw his cane on the chair closest to the desk and ran a hand through his long silvery hair.

"I usually am." No, no sign for forgiveness so far.

"Let me make it up to you please?" The gloves went flying and joined the cane on the chair as Lucius stepped up to his sulking precious Slytherin.

"I am not simply at your disposal whenever you feel like it, Lucius. If that is your wish, I suggest you acquire a whore from Tarleton Alley. I'm sure there will be one for your liking there," Severus snarled, refusing to look around and make eye contact as Lucius was making his way to the back of his chair.

"I dont want a whore. I want you." His tongue gave a slow lick behind Severus left ear. Offended as he still was, the potions master flinched his head away and tried to stand up. But two strong hands on his shoulders kept him pressed down on his chair. He sighed. Annoyed. Again.

"Lets have dinner together. Friday perhaps? I do miss you, you know. And we can both certainly do with some intelligent conversation and maybe enjoy a good wine while we play some chess, mmm?" And then I can fuck your brains out. Unvoiced as it was, the message came across nevertheless. They just knew each other too well.

"As I stated befo--OUCH!" Severus froze at the spot, not daring to move even one inch. Which is a very wise decision when someone else grabs your private parts. Especially when that someone is Lucius Malfoy.

"Six o'clock will do nicely." With those words Lucius gave one very painful squeeze to what his hand had found, let go, and moved around the desk to pick up his cane and gloves. He left the room without even so much as a acknowledgement of the presence of another human being. He knew that his lover would come--he had felt the suppressed little shiver going through his body. Sev longed for him as much as he did for Sev. He would come.

With purposeful strides and a smug smile on his face, he finally left the castle.


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