phoenix ashes
truth, dare, or consequences



"We dare you."

"Fred! George! You cant both dare someone to do something! Its one of you, not both!" Angelinas shrieked protest fell on deaf ears. The twins were grinning sinisterly at Harry, who was looking like hed just been hit upside the head by a bludger.

"I I dont know" Harry stuttered out, grabbing his glasses and wiping them on his shirt slowly. "Its okay Harry," Fred said with an unconvincingly concerned look on his face. "Were sure it is after all, we dared you to do it!" Angelina glared at him. "Fine, fine, I dare you to go ask Oliver to show you how to kiss, without letting him know its a dare," Fred conceded grudgingly.

Harry put his glasses back on while he thought furiously. Hed known that playing truth, dare, or consequences with the twins could be dangerous, but he hadnt expected them to do anything like this. The entire Gryffindor team, minus their captain, Oliver Wood, was playing in a deserted classroom on the fourth floor. Oliver was in his office in the locker room, devising new strategies to use against Ravenclaw in their upcoming game. Harry blushed furiously; he knew he never should have admitted to the twins that he didnt know how to kiss.

"Well, Harry? Are you going to do it? Cause if you dont, the consequences will be much worse youll have to ask him to show you how to do something else!" Fred snickered as he made a pumping motion with his right hand over his crotch. Harry blushed even more, before nodding. "Right then, Ill do it. When?" The twins looked positively gleeful as they replied "How about now?"


Oliver sighed irritably as he heard someone knock lightly on his office door. "Well, who is it?" he called out. "Oh, Harry. Its you. What do you want, Im working on some new plays against Ravenclaw" Olivers voice trailed off as he noticed how upset his Seeker looked. "Harry, whats wrong? Youre going to able to play next week, right?"

Harry smiled at him. "Yeah, Oliver. Ill be playing. Its not anything to do with Quidditch I just, I was wondering if you could help me with something." "Sure Harry, what is it?" he asked, getting out of his chair and walking over to the younger boy. "Well Its Oliver, canyoushowmehowtokiss?" Harry said, very quickly.

Oliver stared at the boy in front of him. Harrys cheeks and ears were bright red, he was staring firmly down at his feet, and his hands were behind his back. "Harry, Im not sure I dont understand. You want me to show you how to kiss?" Oliver winced; his voice had cracked on that last word, something that hadnt happened since he was thirteen. Harry nodded slowly, still staring fixedly at the ground between them.

"Well, I ah What brought this on?" Oliver asked carefully, to give himself a little bit more time. He couldnt imagine why Harry was asking him, of all people, for help with something this personal. Sure, he and Harry were teammates, and got on quite well, but Oliver didnt think that they were close enough for questions like that one.

Harry sighed and looked up at him. Staring up at Oliver from behind the rims of his glasses, Harry admitted "I have a date next weekend, with Hannah Abbot from Hufflepuff. And I umm dont really know how to kiss, and Im afraid that shell laugh at me.

Oliver was dumbstruck. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, asking him for help with his love life? Clumsily feeling behind him for his desk, Oliver stepped backwards and leaned against it. "Well, uh Harry I" Pleading green eyes stared at him out of a pale face. "Oh, why not?" Oliver sighed out. "Why dont we stay here, while we do this?" Harry nodded his agreement silently. With a wave of his wand, Oliver shut and locked the office door, remembering at the last minute to add a sound proofing charm. He most certainly didnt want anyone to over hear anything that might happen during this little lesson.

Setting his wand down, Oliver wiped his suddenly damp palms on his jeans. "Now then, Harry, what is it, exactly, youre having trouble with?" The smaller boy sighed, then admitted glumly "All of it What goes where, what kind of angle to use, where my hands should go all of it!" "Right then. Why dont we start with the basics, then?" Oliver moved in closer to Harry, wrapping one arm around his waist and the other over his shoulders.

Harry stiffened, then visibly relaxed. "Sorry, Oliver," he murmured, "This all makes me a bit nervous." Oliver chuckled. "It makes all of us nervous Harry. But, youre going to do fine. After all, youre going to have lessons." Harry smiled weakly. "Yeah, I am So, what do I do next? After the arms and all?"

"Well, after you wrap your arms around her, you bring your face in close while she tips hers up," Oliver replied, putting action to his words. "Then, you place your lips on hers like this" As Oliver spoke, his lips brushed against Harrys, tickling him. His voice had gotten very husky, and Harry could barely hear it over the roar of blood in his ears as he whispered, "Then you kiss her like this"

Oliver placed his lips gently on Harrys as he slid the hand on Harrys back down to right above his ass, and used his other arm to pull the dark haired boy in closer to him. He swallowed Harrys gasp, and lightly stuck the tip of his tongue out, and brushed it against Harrys bottom lip.

When Harry opened his mouth, Oliver continued the kiss, sweeping his tongue over Harrys teeth, feeling the little ridges in them, and then pushed further into the Seekers mouth, stroking the other boys tongue with his own. Harry moaned into Olivers mouth, and the feeling of it shot straight down to Olivers cock.

Breaking the kiss off gently, he nibbled on Harrys bottom lip before pulling back.
"That, Harry is how you should kiss a girl. Now then do you think you can umm repeat it?" Oliver tried to keep the hopeful note out of his voice. Harry blinked at him owlishly before nodding. "I think I can, but youre taller than I am" he pointed out reasonably, in a very husky voice. "Youre going to have to sit down, or something."

Oliver nodded, then tugged Harry over to the couch, hoping that the younger boy hadnt noticed his erection. "Damned cock!" he mentally cursed at his favorite body part.
"Were just helping Harry out! Go away!" Much to his dismay, his dick refused to comply; instead, it just throbbed more, laughing at him.

Oliver sat down on the edge of the couch, positioning Harry in front of him and between his legs. Quickly squashing down the mental image that that gave him, he looked up at Harry. No, this made him too short. Harry solved the problem by kneeling next to him on the couch, smiling shyly the whole time.

"So, I put my arms here? And here?" Harry questioned, positioning his arms around Olivers well muscled body. Licking his lips, Oliver nodded. "And then I do this?" Harry brought his face down next to Olivers as the older boy tilted his head back to meet Harrys. Oliver twisted his body to be more in line with Harrys as Harry lightly licked Olivers lower lip before kissing him gently.

Oliver moaned a bit as Harry pulled back. "No, that isnt it" the younger boy mused thoughtfully. "Oh, Im sorry Oliver, here, let me move." With that, Harry moved off the couch and gently pushed Oliver back onto it in a reclining position, before climbing back on. This time, instead of sitting next to Oliver, he straddled his captains firm stomach. Smiling at Oliver, Harry asked him, "Oliver, if youre lying down, where do my hands go?" Wordlessly, Oliver grabbed Harrys hands and placed one on his shoulder, and the other firmly in the middle of his chest. "Thanks," Harry whispered as he leaned back down to his captain.

This time, Harry placed warm lips on Olivers pink ones before his licked at Olivers mouth, silently asking for entrance. Thrusting his head up, Oliver opened his mouth for Harry, who promptly invaded it with his tongue. Oliver shivered as Harry deftly ran his tongue lightly across bottom teeth, and openly moaned into Harrys mouth as the smaller boy attacked his tongue with his own.

Olivers hips bucked up as Harry moved his hand from the middle of his chest to his nipple, resting his warm palm over the sensitive flesh. His skin tingled as his nipples got hard, even as his cock got harder. Licking at Harrys tongue with his own, Oliver drew Harrys tongue deeper into his mouth and gently sucked on it, rubbing the underside of the sensitive flesh lightly with his own tongue.

Harry whimpered in the back of his throat as Olivers hands clamped down on his hips, picking him up and setting him down on Olivers crotch. Olivers arousal was evident through his jeans, and just in case Harry hadnt noticed that his captain was hard, Oliver thrust his hips up and rubbed himself against Harrys ass for good measure. "Harry," Oliver panted out. "Is there anything you need help with? Anything at all?" Just to make sure that Harry didnt miss his meaning, Oliver slid one hand gently down Harrys hip, to graze lightly over the outline of Harrys own erection. Harry blushed. "Not tonight, Oliver," he said, climbing off of his captain quickly. "I need I need to go. Ill see you later though, okay?" Harry had backed quickly to the door. "I really appreciate your help with the kissing lessons, and Ill let you know if I need anything else, alright? Thanks Oliver!" He called as he fumbled open the door and rushed out of the office.

Oliver stared after him in shock. What had gone wrong? He was certain that Harry had been enjoying himself; he certainly had been. On weak legs, he got up and went to shut the door. Leaning against it, he stared down at his still visible erection. Sighing, he said to himself, "Why not?" and went back to the couch to finish what Harry had started.

Back with the other members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Harry was just in time to hear George accept a dare from Angelina. She was interrupted as Harry entered. "So, how did it go?" the twins asked eagerly, taking in Harrys swollen lips and the bulge in his jeans. "Great Alright, Fred." Harry replied with a tired smile. "Truth, Dare, or Consequences?" "Dare," Fred replied with a smirk.
"Fred, I dare you.." A long pause stretched as Harry thought up a suitably horrid punishment for what the twins had just put him through. "I dare you to seduce Marcus Flint."

End for now

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