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"Oh Mel! You DIDNT!" Lily was scandalized.
"She did! She totally did!" whispered Narcissa hysterically.
"With SEVERUS SNAPE!?!? But hes ." Andromeda trailed off.
"Greasy." Finished Narcissa.
"Hes NOT." Said Melantho, "He was.sweet."
"Ewwwwwww!" chorused her friends.
"She said he CRIED!" put in Narcissa
"He CRIED?!? What did you do?!?" asked Lily
"I kissed his tears away. I told you - it was sweet."
"EEEEWWWW!" came the chorus again.
"Your uncle is going to have a FIT if he finds out!" stated Narcissa.
"Why would he find out?" asked Mel leaning back against the cushions on Lilys bed.
"Hes the headmaster! He finds out everything!"
"He does you know Mel," said Andromeda "Hes caught Icarus and I snogging THREE TIMES now!"
"Well if you didnt go back to the same place each time.!" pointed out Lily.
"I cant believe you like that drippy Icarus Diddle!" said Narcissa "Hes almost as bad as Slimy Snape!"
Andromeda and Melantho looked miffed in unison.
"Are you going to tell Sirius?" asked Lily suddenly.
"Well I suppose I should - why?"
"I just wanted to know if I could tell James.didnt want to break any news that shouldnt be broken"
"Youre a doll Lil" said Melantho, hugging her. "Ill tell him tomorrow."
"Well I WOULDNT tell him" said Narcissa "I wouldnt want the whole world knowing Id been withthat boy."
"Well we ALL know theres only one boy YOU want!" said Lily
"Slithery Slithery Lucccius!" giggled Andromeda.
"Talk about SLIMEY" Mel put in.
"Hes not slimy! Hes pure and perfect!" Narcissa flopped backwards dreamily.
"Wow. You even flop prissily Nissa." Said Mel
"Prissy Nissie!" giggled Andromeda, chucking a pillow at Narcissa who threw it back.
"No - seriously Nissa - hes CREEPY" said Lily, leaning forward. "I mean Severus - hes just sort of pathetic.but Lucius - he gives me the heebie jeebies."
"Okay. One: Severus is not patheticshutup!" she said to the looks she was given. "And Two" Melantho continued "Speaking of heebie jeebies - I totally felt like I was being watched while I was out with Sirius the other night."
"Maybe it was Snape checking up on his Girlfriend!" said Narcissa rather snippily.
"No listen - Im serious. Severus hadnt even asked me out yet. We were out walking and I just keep feeling like we were being followed. Sirius felt it too. It totally killed the mood."
"Something killed Sirius mood?!?! Such a thing has never been done!" laughed Andromeda.
"Exactly. Thats why it was particularly creepy."
"You know who it COULD have been?" ventured Lily.
"Tag-a-long Peter?!?!"
"Yeah. That Peter. Hes so sweet on you Mel" said Lily.
"Oh DONT tell me that!" moaned Melantho.
"Geez - is there ANYONE who isnt?!?" whined Narcissa.
Andromeda and Lily spoke almost simultaneously and grinned at each other the comfortable grins of girls who know that, at least for the moment, they have found what they want.
"Tell me Im not going to have to have Sirius MENACE him.No, nevermind, Ill menace him myself" decided Mel. "So do you silly moppets want to hear about my date or NOT?!?"
"Ohh! Ill tell mine first!" offered Andromeda.
"We KNOW how YOURS goes" interrupted Nissa. "You and Icarus snuck to the Hufflepuff Quidditch shed and you thought about letting him get in your panties, but instead you just let him go up your shirt. The end."
"Well maybe I DID let him get in my panties this time!" retorted Andromeda.
"Ohhh Dromie! You naughty thing!" giggled Lily "Did you!??" Andromeda hung her head "Well No." her head snapped back up "But I might have done!" She ducked the hurled pillows.
"Which shall I tell first?" asked Melantho "Severus or Sirius?"
"SIRIUS!" came the chorus.
Melantho raised an eyebrow. "Youve heard about him before" She sounded slightly pouty.
"Hands up anyone who DOESNT want to hear about Snivellus Snape!" said Narcissa.
Six hands shot in the air.
"Well - actually- I must confess a certain morbid curiosity"admitted Lily, dropping her hands "But you know we allllllways like to hear about Sirius!"
"Alright then" said Melantho, leaning forward, her friends all rolling over or leaning in so they were all on their stomachs, heads together.
"Oooooh!" said Narcissa
"Spill it." Said Andromeda.
"Leave nothing out." Said Lily
"No interrupting this time!" Melantho said firmly.

"No interrupting What?" asked a voice at the door. "Is this a girl slumber party?"
"Are you going to pillowfight in your knickers?"
"And can we watch?"

"Well if it isnt three quarters of the feeble foursome!" laughed Lily. "Wheres the worm?"
"Peter? We lost him hours ago." answered James coming over and drawing her up to his chest to give her a kiss.
"But Ive got a Worm, if any of you ladies need one!" Sirius leered cheerfully at the bed.
"Funny- we were just talking about your worm." drawled Melantho "And did we mention the feeble part yet?""
"Ah! You wound me Mel!" he sighed, flopping down on the bed and smacking her ass lightly.
"Shove off you dirty mutt!" she groaned, rolling over Andromeda to get away from him.
"Oh - are we playing rolling pin now?" asked Remus, sitting down on the other end of the bed and waggling his eyebrows at Narcissa.
"No, we are NOT." She said primly, removing his hand from where it had strayed to the back of her thigh and sitting up. "Go chase your tail."
"Its not HIS tail he was chasing earlier!" snickered James.
"Oh does Ickle Wemus have a girlfwiend?!?" teased Lily.
"No - but we caught him snogging that saucy Slytherin girl Evaria, earlier tonight!"
"That skinny thing?!? Shes so cold and snotty!" snapped Narcissa.
"I think shes pretty" muttered Andromeda half to herself.
"She seemed hot enough for Remus" sniggered Sirius.
"And shes curvy where it COUNTS" said Remus "Though not as sparkling and pure as your charms Nissa.but then - You always say no to me - Whats a man to do?!"
"Well if we knew any actual men" grinned Mel "Id find out for you!"
"I didnt hear any complaints about my manhood from you the other night!" said Sirius.
"Well you should take your earplugs out more often!"
"Someones asking for a royal spanking!" announced Sirius, climbing over the laughing Andromeda.
"Get Off! Get Off!" shrieked Melantho, wrestling away.
"Thats AFTER the spanking!" smirked Remus, reaching over Narcissa and grabbing her wrists.
"Not tonight you pack of mangy curs!" she howled. "Nissa, Dromie and I have to get back to our dorms before Filch makes his rounds!"
"And now Ill have to remake my bed!" said Lily looking at her disheveled covers as Sirius pulled Melantho off the bed. Remus offered a hand to Narcissa, but she rose on her own, ignoring him.
"Yet another perfect story night ruined by interlopers!" moped Andromeda "You OWE us a torrid tale Mel!"
Melantho bowed cheerfully and headed towards the stairs to the common room. "Come on Nissa!" she said, to the pale blonde who was hunting for a shoe, "Back to the Dungeon with ye!"
"And back to your Eyrie with you!" laughed Sirius "Ill walk you back if you like"
She eyed him coolly. "Alright then."
Narcissa pursed her lips in vague distaste. "Youre going to snog all the way there arent you?"
"Whats the matter Nissa - need a partner?" leered Remus "I could possibly be convinced to come along."
"No thank you, Im sure Ill be just fine, besides, its only a short distance until we split ways."
"Your loss dollface" he grinned as she turned to go.
"Oh come ON! Shake a tail feather!" begged Andromeda from the door.
They headed after her, calling out various goodnights on the way. Narcissa left with a flounce and a swing of her white blonde hair. Melantho bowed, grinning.
"After You Mr.Black!"
"No, No, Miss Dumbledore!" he replied bowing lower and over-dramatically. "Ladies first, I insist!"
"I see NO LADIES here!" muttered Andromeda, shoving past her cousin.
They left together, laughing

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