phoenix ashes
the path of the serpent (chapter 12)



  by Ejab

It was now Friday, two days after he and Severus had their last encounter with The Dark Lord. And still Lucius was bothered by that gnawing at the back of his mind. The result was that he, again, had not slept well. This mixture of lack of sleep and restlessness was making him a pain in the arse to be around with. Even more so then usual. So people made sure to stay way out of his way to prevent finding themselves at the other end of his upflaring frustrated outbursts. Everyone, except Narcissa. Either she just was too stupid to notice or maybe she simply didn't care. It had to be both, Lucius mused, while giving his wife highly annoyed looks. The most intelligent thing she had ever done was getting pregnant and giving birth to his heir and even that had merely asked for her physical attendance. Which had been horrid enough to last him a lifetime.

"Will you please stop that?" he snarled, staring at the egg his wife was peeling.

"What?" Narcissa looked up in mock-innocence.

"How many times have I told you - you do not PEEL an egg! That is so - not done! You slice the head off with a knife and THEN you eat it! Preferably with the aid of an egg-spoon." Lucius' voice dripped with sarcasm. Merlin, that woman really had no manners at all!

"Since it is MY egg, I will eat it the way I like it, thank you," Narcissa happily returned the sarcasm and continued peeling her egg. Very seductively. "And besides, I REFUSE to let you tell me how to eat an egg. Look the other way if it bothers you that much."

"You 'REFUSE'?" Lucius grabbed his napkin and threw it on the table. And in that instant he understood. He finally understood what had bothered him so much in the back of his mind. Yes, that was it! Oh, Sev, are you going to get it! You bastard! He jumped up from his seat and swiftly walked out of the dining room, his face twisted in anger.

"I take it you are finished eating, dear?" Narcissa was not entirely sure if she just had scored a point or that her husband had left the table and room for another reason, but she didn't want to know either. Not really. Grinning she took a second egg and started to slowly peel that.

In the hallway downstairs Lucius screamed for his traveling cloak. A trembling house-elf handed it to him and bowed as deep as it could.

"Get out of my way, you little pest!" As a gesture of gratitude he was kicked in the ribs and his Master stormed out of the house before he could even stand up again.

Lucius made it to Hogwarts without his temper boiling over any further or killing someone else, both great achievements, really, and made his way to the dungeons with deadly intent, looking for the object of his rage.

Severus did not stand a change. Before he was even fully aware of what was happening, he was already thrown against the wall. A strong hand closed around his throat and kept him there.

"You! You tricked me, you bastard! You tricked me into using that potion!" Lucius hissed, his face only inches away, his whole being radiating with anger.

"That I did," Severus answered calmly and carefully. He knew his lover well enough to know he was treading dangerous grounds here. He felt temptation to remark that it had taken him quite a while before figuring it all out, but wisely decided against that. Seeing another sunrise was something to look forward to

"Why?" One word. Sharp. Cutting. Deadly.

"It was the only way to make you take it. You would never had taken it if you had known that my true intention all along was for you to be the only one taking it. It also was the only way to make sure your mind would be 'innocent' enough to withstand His Legilimency - what you do not know, you can not think or feel and therefore it can not be distracted from your mind," his lover explained in a lecturing voice, but without his usual condescending tone. He saw the anger slowly ebbing away as understanding replaced it. Together with shock?

"How did you know?" Now it was the potions master turn to ask a question.

"What?" Lucius seemed startled out of deep thoughts. "Oh because YOU demand, order, snap, snarl or growl or maybe even ask but you'd never use the word 'refuse'. Your actions may indicate it but you would never say it like that. Not to me, anyway. Am I right?"

"You know me so well," Snape drawled. "Can I have some more oxygen now?"

"Merlin, Sev " Lucius stared at him in disbelief. "The implications it would have had if The Dark Lord had figured it out!"

"But He didn't, now did he?" Severus pulled at the hand around his throat, but to no avail. His lover seemed quite happy to let him stay pinned against the wall. Or he just wasn't aware of what he was doing anymore. It looked like the latter. Because Lucius started to look at him as if he had only now seen him for the very first time in his life.

"You would have given your life for me, you stupid idiot!" Although Lucius still looked shocked, the potions master could see how he slowly started to take in the full ambit of unconditional love his dark angel really felt for him. It obviously made him speechless for a moment. Speechless and touched beyond words. And since a Malfoy never cries that would not be a tear in his left eye.

Lucius found it very hard to come to terms with this new realisation. Being a Malfoy, he wasn't raised in love or even used to it. Love, he was always taught, was weakness and could therefore be used. For or against you. A dangerous tool. Until his dark angel had come along. It confused him, overwhelmed him, almost crushed him, made him feel so unbelievably loved, cherished, safe and scared at the same time that he found his legs starting to tremble, his head going dizzy and his stomach doing weird somersaults. Of course Sev loved him (as he loved him), but that he would even go as fas as die for him? Could one person love another THAT much? He never had thought it to be possible, but here was the evidence - staring him straight in the face

"You never cease to amaze me, my dark angel, but " Lucius' expression switched from soft to dangerously cold within a second, " also, no one tricks a Malfoy and gets away with it." with his free hand he reached inside his robe and got his wand out, " unpunished." He mumbled a spell and the next moment Severus' wrists and ankles were chained to the wall with manacles. His lover's eyes widened and looked at him in eager anticipation. Lucius clearly had found the right way to show his gratitude. Not that he had any doubts about that, of course.

Lucius put a silencing charm on the room as well as a locking spell on the door, disposed himself of his cloak, gloves and cane (all the time never taking his eyes of his lover's) and slowly walked up to his dark angel until they could feel the heat radiating off each others body.

"This is for even THINKING about tricking me" Lucius bent forward and softly kissed the potions master's lips. But before Snape could even respond, those warm lips were already placing soft kisses on his forehead, the spot between his eyebrows, his eyelids, cheeck-bones, jawline and then ever so slowly drifted towards and onto his neck where every inch of white skin was caressed, nuzzled and licked. Then Lucius' lips trailed their path back up again and closed around those of his lover. The kiss started slow but within seconds Lucius was plundering the mouth under his, devouring it, ravishing him while he pressed his body against that of his dark angel, promising so much but giving him nothing. Yet. Severus moaned softly and tried to push his own body forward for more contact. Lucuis' hands caressed the potions master's sides and rubbed their growing erections together. Only to withdraw within seconds, just after he had made the manacles disappear again.

"Lucius" The potions master hissed his disapproval but was quickly silenced again when the kiss continued - sensual, full of dripping emotions, deep and oh so slow, sweeping him away. Lucius had never kissed him like that before, but Circe, did it feel good! Severus gasped and let his hands roam over Lucius' body. Gods, he wanted this man!

"More" he moaned hungrily.

"Oh, you'll get more, my love," Lucius whispered, noticing that the groan seemed to travel straight to his own groin. He resolutely pushed that aside, having other plans than a quick shag. So instead of taking his dark angel and buggering him senseless (which was what he was longing to do), he slid one hand under his lover's black shirt and slowly started to caress that gorgeous soft warm flesh where ever he could touch it. No, that would not do. He withdrew and with one quick motion tore the shirt of his dark angel's body, letting it drop to the floor indifferently.

"Hey, that was a very expensive shirt!" snarled Snape immediately.

"'Was' is the right word. Now shut up," came the swift reply. The 'request' was obeyed. But only because Lucius dropped his hands as well as his mouth on the now naked upper body of the potions master and started to worship the flesh. No aggression, no hurt; just slow and sensitive with, again agonisingly, slow kisses, caresses, licks, pinches and bites. He did not miss one millimetre and thoroughly worked his way down from his lover's neck down to his waistband. By that time Severus was shivering and moaning almost constantly, encouraging him with 'oh Merlin, oh yes..' and more incoherent words of love.

"Please, Lucius " Snape growled, grasping one of his lover's hands and bringing it down to his groin, opening his pants.

"Always so impatient" Lucius chuckled, opening the potions master's trousers and pushing them and his underpants down onto his knees. He was immediately and enthusiasticly greeted by a weeping cock. He smiled and gave the head a teasing lick before focussing on the slender hips, thighs and knees. Not yet, love.

"Lucius!" Severus growled, unable to suppress the disappointment of the neglect of his hard cock.

"Very demanding these days, aren't you?" Lucius sneered, suddenly stepping back and looking at his lover with cold haughty eyes. "Perhaps I have spoiled you too much."

"No, Lucius I just I need" Severus looked at him with lust and horror, thinking his lover absolutely capable of just letting him stay there and leave. "Please"

"Very well," Lucius came closer again and bent down. The loss of a warm body against his just seconds before had almost been something to cry out for but it was all made up to him the moment Severus felt his cock being engulfed to the root by this warm, soft wetness.

"Oh Merlin, yes" The potions master let his inhibitions go and closed his eyes, totally lost by the intensity of the feeling. Lucius pulled back, twirled his tongue around the head and engulfed him once more, pulled back yet again and then sucked. Hard. While his fingers teased his lover's entrance. Then his mouth took in the balls, one by one.

"Oh gods yes oh yes yes" Severus couldn't control his hip movements any more and started to buck against the warm mouth the moment it took him in again. Lucius started to suck him for all he was worth, meanwhile pushing three fingers in and out of his entrance, making sure to hit the prostate every time.

The potions master groaned, growled and started to babble sexwords, giving himself over completely. It took him over, possessed him, was all he was made of, every nerve of his body was made of nothing but intense pleasure and ecstasy. Every ion, every atom vibrated with it. It was all the world was made of.

Until it all came together in his balls and he came violently, screaming from the top of his lungs. His orgasm was so overpowering that he fell forward and Lucius could just catch him in time.

"Oh Merlin oh gods" Severus vaguely felt hands pulling him against the body of his lover on the floor. Lucius held him and stroked his face, admiring his lover's flushed, sweaty face. He always loved it so much - the way Sev totally lost it when he came, gave over so completely. Never any trace of reserves, hesitation or shame - just giving himself completely over, drowing willingly. Not many people could do that, dared to even. And certainly not in HIS presence.

"And that, my dark angel, was only the beginning," Lucius whispered, stroking strands of hair out of his face. Severus whimpered and managed a weak smile, but did not speak. Still not capable of doing so. They both stayed silent and on the floor, completely at peace with that and the world for now. Until Lucius decided it was time to move things on a bit.

"Now your punishment for actually TRICKING me. Undress completely and go lay on the bed."

It was a good thing that the students didn't see their teacher obeying orders. Let alone obeying them so eager and willingly. It would have completely destroyed his reputation.

Lucius followed, after having stripped himself of his own clothing. He smiled wickedly.

"It is very simple, Sev one move, one sound and I WILL stop. Understood?" He placed his lover's arms and legs so that they pointed towards the four corners of the bed and raised one eyebrow questioningly.

"Oh gods" Severus gasped but then nodded his head. Talk about torture!

And torture it was. It was cruel, it was terrible, it was bliss - sweet, passionate, slow torture. Using his hands, lips, tongue, teeth and even his long silvery hair Lucius started trailing along his body as if he had never seen and touched it before - starting with the toes on his left foot, up his ankle, calf, knee (always a sensitive spot with him but Severus managed to keep still. Just.), thigh, the inside of his thigh, then on to his hip, his left side, abdomen, chest, shoulder, neck, face and down again on the other side. Lucius completely ignored his groin, much to Severus' frustration, but he kept silent all the same, though it was almost impossible to maintain by the time the ministrations had reached his right knee. Already Lucius had abandoned him twice when a whimper managed to escape his firmly pressed lips and the only thing to persuade his lover to continue was pure shameless begging on his part. Which Lucius found thoroughly amusing.

"Roll over," a familiar seductive voice purred in his ear. The potions master complied, his whole body now seemed to vibrate with hunger, lust and just plain screaming need. He really was not sure how much more of this he could take.

Lucius saw the trembling, smiled and sat back. He patiently waited until his lover had calmed down somewhat and for the moment was content to just caress him with his eyes. All that delicate white flesh it always fascinated him, every single time. It looked so fragile, so beautiful, so not of this world...

In an almost dreamy fashion he touched Severus' right foot and started the torture again, although a little faster this time. His own arousal was now at the stage that it could not be ignored much longer itself. And neither did he want it to. The fact that his dark angel was now desperately rubbing his own cock against the mattress and was anything but silent didn't help either.

The potions master started to moan hoarsely, whimper, curse, beg and plead and finally shouted that he'd better fuck him right now or 'you'll live to regret it!'. Lucius delighted in hearing the begging, pleading, moaning and cursing but was pursuaded by it, and decided for the direct approach. He pulled his lover up by his hips on all fours and entered dry and with brute force, not giving him any time to adjust, pounding into him as hard and deep as he could.

Severus' first reaction was to scream and crawl away from this battering assault but fingernails digged mercilessly into his hips and kept him close. He moaned loudly and tried to adjust to the violent thrusting as best as he could. He didn't have to endure it for long, though. Playing, teasing and holding back had used up most of Lucius' restrains. He had just enough clearness of mind to grab Severus' cock and quickly stroked him to a shouting orgasm, following only seconds later himself and collapsing on his lover's body.

"Mmm I'd like to reciprocate that.. or anything, really.." Severus mumbled, rolling Lucius of his back and sliding towards him until they held each other close.

"Can I sleep first?" Lucius smiled weakly, keeping his eyes closed. "If you let me sleep now, I might even be tempted to share luch, dinner and stay the night later on."

"You can stay the night?" The potions master lifted his head up in surprise and extreme pleasure. Lucius hardly ever stayed the night - it simply wasn't possible often. Something they both regretted very much, but alas

"Not if you keep this up - you definitely talk too much," his lover grumbled. "Sleep."

"Sleep," Severus agreed, closing his eyes and feeling a soft smile of content on his face that he just could not get rid of. He sighed and slowly let himself drift away. He could also use a nap himself. Getting ready for the second round