phoenix ashes
dreams, dormious projectionous potion and red leather (chapter 12)



Ginny grinned."No I said it and I won't repeat it."She paused."How
much did you hear of it anyway?"

"Something about Draco Malfoy and myself and mint chocolate chip
icecream. Alan Rickman came into that garbled sentance somehow.I
didn't catch the rest though."

"Prehaps she wanted him covered in icecream too."Remus muttered,for
he had caught a different part of it."I could've sworn that cookies
came into somewhere."

"Mmm cookies."Ron muttered."I'm hungry."

"Ron, honestly."Hermione scolded.She turned to Ginny,"What was that
about Snape's brother?"She leaned towards her threateningly."Did you
say that....?"

"Miss Granger,Please don't threaten my students."Severus cut in.

"But Professor....."Hermione protested.

"Getting back to Ginny,"Remus cut in."Please repeat what you said and
this time do it more slowly."

"Oh I like it slow."Ginny retorted."But I'm afraid I won't be getting
my 'Snuffles On A Stick' today."She added, so only Remus,Severus and
Hermione heard her.

Remus looked taken aback."Ginny, where did you hear that?"

"From your dream, idiot."Severus muttered.

"0h sorry."

"I think I speak for everyone here, when I say huh?"Sirius said.

"Shut up you mangy dog or I'll have to hit you over the head with a
rolled up newpaper."Severus growled.

"Ooh touchy...I'll get Alan to sort you out when he gets here."Sirius
growled back."After all he is an expert on being evil..."

"Yeah?I'll make Steven and Shaun turn your hair bright pink."

"You mean like they did to you when you were fourteen?Just let 'em

"GUYS!Please!"Remus yelled,making everyone jump,as no one has heard
him yell before,and causing Severus to knock over on of his potion
bottles, which spilled all over him,staining the front of his robes
bright orange.

Severus put his finger in his ear and wiggled it arround(Kinda like
Metatron at the end of Dogma)then looked down at himself and
sighed."It never ends."

"Jeeze Moony, did you have to yell in my ear?I mean we are just
standing right next to you."Sirius whined, but he yelped when Severus
grabbed the Daily Prophet, that was on his desk, rolled it up and
whacked Sirius on the nose."Oww! What was that for?"Severus just

"Sorry."Remus muttered,looking sheepish.

"I have a couple of things to tell all of you,"Severus said, sounding
serious,"First of all what I tell you mustn't leave these four
walls.Agreed?"Everyone nods."Hmmm lets see...Second of all..."he
broke off as the bell rang for lunch time, but all the students, hung
around waiting to hear what he has to say but Severus just
growled,"I'll have to tell you later.DISMISSED!"He growled the last
word and all the students scuttled out like scared rabbits.He watched
them go, an evil smirk on his face,'Saved by the bell.'he thought to

Outside the classroom,"Can you believe the bell rang just as Snape
was going to spill the secrets?"Ron grounched to Harry and Hermione
as they walked down to lunch.

"I know.When have we got potions next?"Harry asked.

"Tommorow first thing."

"Well I guess we'll have to ask him then." Harry griped.

"Yeah I can't believe Alan Rickman is Professor Snape's older
brother."Hermione muttered loudly.She walked on leaving the rest of
the sudents looking stunned.

Harry and Ron looked at each other and then burst out in unison


A/N: I can't believe I've finished it.More adventures with them in my sequel 'Snape's Brothers' which is coming soon.