phoenix ashes
dreams, dormious projectionous potion and red leather (chapter 11)



.Harry smirked, but although he pretended not to care, he actually
wanted to know what Ginny and Severus actually knew."So Ginny,"He
started,"does that dream of yours mean you actually have a crush on
Sirius and Malfoy?"Ginny blushed.

"This coming from the guy who names his Dragon, Draco."Draco
muttered."Potter, does that actually mean you have a crush on me?"

Harry blushed,"You wish,anyway Draco is named after the dragon in

Parvati sighed,"I love that film.I think Dennis Quaid is so cute."

"Nah, I like David Thewlis.He's so handsome. Kinda like Professor
Lupin." Pansy said, earning a dark look from her felow
Slytherins."What? That's not mentioning the fact that he spends most
of his time on horseback.Looks like he'd be a good ride."

Remus, Sirius and Severus shared a secret look."Well Remus, looks
like you have an admirer."Sirius teased.His voice took on a higher
tone,"He's so handsome."

Remus blushed."It's not me. It's David Thewlis." Severus and Sirius
shared a look that plainly said 'Sure it is but you're loving the
fact you got described as handsome'.

"What about Jason Isaacs? He drops his trousers, in one scene, and
you can see he's not small."Millicent replied.A few girls nodded
their heads in agreement.

Severus shook his head."Are all females crushing after actors or is
it just them?"He muttered to Remus and Sirius.

"Do you have a favourite actor, Ginny?"Hermione asked Ginny.

"Yes, you're all going to tease me but I like Gary Oldman. He's so
mmm I can't find words to describe him..."

"Why should we tease you? He has his merits.Like in Dracula.Wish he'd
bite my neck."Hermione sighed.

"Hang on, I thought you were crushing over Alan Rickman."Harry
blurted out,to Hermione's surprise,"but I guess it's ok to have more
than one favourte actor."

"I like Stephen Dorff.In Blade, I just wished I was the one who got
his neck bitten."Piped up Erin Kirk, a very quiet Slytherin.

Dean burst out with,"Professors, If they made a movie about Harry,
who would you like playing you?"

"Gary Oldman."

"Alan Rickman."

"Yeah only for the fact he's got a killer voice and he looks and
sounds like you." Hermione muttered.

"Ooh I'd go to see it,if Gary was in it."Ginny muttered."AND of
course if Alan was in it."

"Hmmm, maybe Dennis Quaid or David Thewlis."

"Pansy would go and see it just for that."Draco muttered."I can't
really see David Thewlis as a Lupin but it's not up to me..."

"Shut up Draco."Pansy retorted."Go back to whipping other boys with
wet towels."Everyone stared at her.

"What was THAT about?"Remus asked, Sirius, who shrugged,"I thought
Draco was strictly into..."He broke off, shrugging,"Prehaps I'm
better off not knowing..."

Severus sat down."God.Only five more minutes to go."He addressed the
class."Well pack up your stuff,as you only have a few more minutes
left, I'm not going to bother with starting doing a new student."

Sirius laughed and turned to Ginny."So Ginny, are you going to tell
us everything?Or am I going to have to tickle it out of you?"

Ginny gulped, because she hated being tickled."Okay."She began,
ignoring Severus' glare,blurting it out in one breath and really fast
so everyone only caught a few

A long silence greeted these words.Sirius was the first to break the
silence,"Did anyone get all that?"Everyone shook their heads."Can you
repeat that? And this time slow it down to 33 and a third."