phoenix ashes
flesh wounds



 And I stared as they dragged you away

kicking and screaming

Locked you up and sucked out your soul

wasted another life...

But you deserved it...

Deserved to have your flesh ripped from your bones

and regretting that I was not the one to do it

I watched in envy

jealous of those who had the pleasure of ending your life...

And I laughed...

I laughed as its withered hand closed around your throat

Silencing you forever...


But I was wrong

You couldnt be robbed of your soul

perhaps because you had none

And you threw my laughter back in my face...

And I ran...

I ran from you, from the past

from the icy voice that stabbed through my ear

"I know what you are," you said

and my insides froze

Colder than the crimson eyes

belonging to He- to It which I called "Master"

And I ran from Him too

condemned to Hell for my treason

seeking somewhere to feel safe

Wanting to slice off my arm for the mark it bore

branded to the bone

I wanted to say it was only a flesh wound

that I could wash it off with time

but the Truth was embedded in me...

And you knew...

You'd known all along

And I put it behind me when they locked you away

believing myself in the right

But you came back

and I couldnt forgive you

Forgiveness is not in my nature

You befriended the son of my spite

The boy who lived while my peace died

And I hated you for it

I wanted to tear your eyes from their sockets

so you'd forget what you'd seen...

But I held it in

And now the One responsible for my salvation

wants me to forgive you

To leave past grudges where they belong

And once again I tell him "Forgiveness is not in my nature"

because some fires are never quelched...

And some flesh wounds never heal

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