phoenix ashes
dreams, dormious projectionous potion and red leather (chapter 4)



Ron looked around at everyone.Harry and Draco were giving each other dirty looks, Hermione was muttering something, under her breath,about how Harry and Draco were perfect for each other and Severus was just speechless.Draco broke the silence first."What was that? Are you
thinking that I would wear girls clothes and like it?"

Harry broke in, "OH MY GOD.Ron What were you thinking?"

"I don't know, its not as if I can control my dreams you know."Ron replied.

"You got to admit I looked much better in a skirt than you two did." Draco said.

"No I did."

"Guys, Guys, or should I say girls?You all looked lovely." Hermione muttered.

"I was MUCH prettier than Potter and Weasley."

"Huh, I was the better looking one."

"I looked scary."

"I know you did Weasley."

They were interupted by Ginny coming in late. "Sorry I'm late Professor.I had to see Professor Lupin about something."Ginny muttered,sheepishly, sitting down next to Hermione. "So what have I missed?"

"Oh we're testing out thos new potion. It shows our dreams. What did Lupin want anyway?"

"Oh just to discuss something with Jade and myself."Ginny replied."Dreams? What kind of dreams?"

"Well, Ron's dream was about himself, Harry and Draco in dresses..Harry's and Draco's were rip off's from 'Not Another Teen Movie', and mine was about Alan Rickman in tight red leather."

"Ooh, wonder what Sirius looks like in leather."Ginny muttered.

Unfortunatly Severus heard her."Miss Weasley, as you were late, you're next."He hands her a vial of the potion and leans forward slightly so only she can hear him mutter, "I know, you know that I know just who you're crushing on but I have to do this otherwise they'd wonder."

Ginny gulps, but drinks the potion anyway.

**Ginny's Dream**

(Ginny pads down to the kitchen, her dream-self had woken up feeling hungry, wearing a red silk nightdress.She tickles the pear and enters the kitchen, which is deserted.Ginny goes to the fridge and opens it and takes out a giant tub of Mint-choc chip ice-cream(It's the last one.)Ginny grabs a spoon and opens the tub and starts eating it) Ginny: Mmm mm mm.I love mint....

(A voice from the doorway makes her jump.)

Voice: You and me both.

(The person steps into the light and it's Draco, wearing only a pair of green silk pajama bottoms.)

Ginny: Malfoy? What are you doing down here?

Draco: I got hungry(goes to fridge)Is that the last one?

Ginny: Yeah...Want some?

(Ginny hands him a spoon.)

Draco: OK, scoot over.

Ginny and Draco eat the ice cream. Another voice makes them jump like naughty schoolchildren)

Voice: Is that ice cream? Can I have some?

(they turn and see it's only Sirius Black wearing a pair of black silk boxer shorts)

Ginny and Draco: Sirius.

Ginny: You made us jump.

Draco: Ok that's it, I'm getting you a cat bell.

Siruis: Can I have some ice cream?

Ginny/Draco: NO! We were here first.

Siruis(Raising his voice): I WANT IT NOW!(grabs the ice cream tub)I need my choc chip.

Ginny(tugging on the tub):I don't care.

Draco(Also pulling on the tub): Get your own.

Draco, Ginny and Sirius are tugging on the tub. Sirius and Draco let go of the tub and some of the ice cream covers Ginny from head to toe. Ginny grabs a handful of ice cream and throws it at Sirius. Sirius reaches inside the tub and grabs some and hits Draco right between the eyes. Draco throws some at Ginny and it turns into a free for all)

Ginny: Take that!(throws Ice-cream at Sirius, who ducks, but hits Draco instead)

Sirius(like the devil in Repossessed): Ha ha, you missed.

(Draco reaches inside the ice-cream tub but comes up empty.)

Draco(whining): It's all gone. I really wanted some ice-cream.

Sirius.(indicating himself, Ginny and Draco): Well technically it hasn't.

(Draco, Ginny and Sirius look at each other, a beat, then they reach out for each other, kissing, licking, tasting each other. Sirius pulls Ginny's nightdress over her head. Ginny pulls Drakes bottoms down. Draco pulls Sirius' boxers down. Draco, Sirius, Ginny lean in for a kiss and they fade out.)

**End Ginny's dream**