phoenix ashes
dreams, dormious projectionous potion and red leather (chapter 2)



Hermione looked at Snape, to find him, looking stunned but he also had a smirk on his face, "Professor.... I..... er..... um......" Snape raised an eyebrow at her stumbling over her words. Hermione blushed and muttered under her breath, "Damn..."

", Why......" He stumbled over his words, 'Wow, she dreams of me. It'll be easier than I thought to get her where I want her...' He found his voice, "Miss Granger, why the hell did you dream of me?"

"It wasn't you, Professor..."Hermione lied. "It's Alan Rickman. He's my favourite actor. You do share a striking resemblance..."

"Although Alan has a deeper voice." Lavender supplied.

The class erupted, at that comment, the pure-bloods looked confused and the muggle borns were trying to explain to them just who 'Alan Rickman' was.

"Hey isn't that the guy that Hermione has hanging in her room above her bed?"

'Alan, why does it always come back to him? Don't be stupid Severus, she doesn't know...' Snape thought, feeling slightly jealous.

"No you idiot, Alan sounds just like him."

"He's great in Die Hard and Dogma, and........."

No one noticed Severus running out of the classroom and then hiding in his office. Anyone who noticed would've said that Snape looked flushed and was holding his hands over the front of his robes. "Who the hell is Alan Rickman?"

"Why the hell are you dreaming of this guy, who happens to look like our potions master?"

"Mum fancies him."

"Why, Granger, I thought you were a good girl. Hey Potter did you know the Mudblood dreams of the potions master?"

"Ew. That's just nasty."

"Malfoy! I'll cut your heart out with a spoon!"

The whole classroom went quiet at this statement.

Draco looked at Harry with a puzzled look on his face. "Why a spoon, Potter? Why not an axe?"

"Because it's DULL, you twit, it'll hurt more!" (A/N: I just had to put this in here.)


Snape sat behind his desk, with his head in his hands. 'She was lying, I know she was. She likes me. SHE REALLY LIKES ME!' He thought to himself. 'Why didn't it do that when it blew up? Must be a delayed reaction. Hmmm must conduct some tests....SHE LIKES ME!!' Snape found he had the urge to get up and dance around his classroom. His manic dance was interrupted by a tapping on the window. He looked up and saw a little brown owl waiting to come in. he opened the window and it hopped in. He took the parchment from it and, as soon the parchment was removed it took off. He unrolled the parchment, paled, and shouted, loud enough that the students could hear in the other room. "OH NO! NOT HERE NOT NOW!"