phoenix ashes
the path of the serpent (chapter 6)



    by Ejab

Severus just stood, staring down at his magically opened trousers. No. This did not just happen. It. Did. Not. He refused to believe it did. Lucius would never do this to him! He would simply ignore - no, wrong choice of word, very wrong, because, eh, that he would definitely not be able to dooh gods He buried his face in his hands and shook his head in utter disbelief. He was screwed. So screwed. He moaned, suddenly feeling very miserable.

"Severus? I could hear you scream all the way down to my chambers! What happened? Are you hurt?"

No. Make that embarrassed. VERY embarrassed. Since there was no time for him to grab his cloak (or some other kind of 'shield'), the potions master had no other choice than to swiftly turn around and turn his back at the worried Lupin.

"Go away! Out!" he hissed. There was NO way on earth he would reveal his precarious position to anyone, let alone that bloody werewolf.

"What is wrong, Severus?" His action only seemed to convince Lupin even more that there was indeed something wrong.

"Leave! Who gives you the right to just come and burst in here as you please! You have absolutely no reason what so ever to be here!" Snape bellowed, consequently keeping his back turned on the confused DADA-teacher.

"Damn you, you stupid stub eh, Severus? Why do you insist on looking at me with your back?" A faint smile crept on Remus' face as he started to suspect other reasons then just Snape being his usual rude self. It was just a hunch, but still

"Are you deaf? I said 'out'! NOW!" the potions master screamed, all too aware of the panic rising up inside of him. Not to mention the embarrassment. Oh Merlin, he would NOT survive the shame, the ridicul, when this was found out

"I will NOT leave until I - ah!" Remus had walked around him so quickly that Snape was not able to cover his current painful 'condition' soon enough. Oh Circe, just let me drop dead now, he prayed. Of course nothing happened. Unless one would count the subdued snickering Lupin was now suffering from as he stared at a certain part of the potions master's anatomy. Oh yes, that made it all so much more bearable

"Eh, Severus? Who hexed you?" Remus managed to ask quite suavely, taking no little pride in his managing to stay in control.

"None of your business! Now just go, spread the word and make fun of me," the potions master snapped, adjusting the cloak discretely. "I'm sure you will delight in this chance."

"Don't tempt me," Remus coughed. Very suspiciously. "Oh dear" Then he gave Snape a resigning look. "Never thought that one day I would oh well, sit down, Severus."

"I beg your pardon?" The potions master eyed him with utter contempt and stepped back. He was not - oh no! No way! No no no no! He was NOToh Merlin, he couldn't even think about that!

"Don't act as such a prude, Severus. It's not like you haven't had it done to you before." Remus crossed his arms for his chest and snorted. "And no, you would not be my first choice either, but considering the circumstances - what choice do you have?"

"Just being the good Gryffindor Samaratin as always, aren't you?" Snape sputtered. Oh Lucius, you are SO dead!

"It's up to you, but you know as well as I do that there is only one way to eh, cure your condition. And the sooner, the better." Remus shrugged.

They glared at eachother in deafening silence for quite some time. Remus calm and playing a waiting game and Severus feverishly thinking of another way out. There was none. He knew that. It just took some time for his brain to even tolerate the thought, let alone accept it.

"Maybe you prefer Albus? Or Flitwick? Filch? Or - "

"Shut up!" That did it. The thought of Albus, or anyone else for that matter, coming in and finding him like this simply was too much to bear... Staring daggers at the man in front of him, he finally gave in and reluctantly sat down as gracefully as he could.

"Sorry for the lack of dinner and movie." Grinning, Remus positioned himself between the potions master's legs and teasingly licked his lips.

"Shut up and just get on with it," Snape gritted between his teeth. Oh, the humiliation! With a face twisted with aversion, he closed his eyes. He could not bear to watch this.

Wet heat was slowly gliding up over his cock. And down again, and up and - he almost jerked away. Oh gods, this was so disgusting, so unbearable, so

"And try to relax, Severus," Remus sighed, letting go of his cock with a pop. The potions master answered with an indignant 'hmpf' after which Remus continued with his self-appointed task.

He slowly circled his tongue over the top of Snape's cock and pushed his lips down over it before sliding slowly up again. He then added fingers to softly tickle along the shaft and repeated the whole process. After a few sessions of this he quickly looked up at the man sitting in front of him and saw a look of growing anguish on Snape's face. Speed was obviously of the essence here. So he sped up his movements and added more pressure and sucking, the goal being relief as soon as possible. This was not about pleasure. This was, after all, a hex.

The relief came, accompanied with a scream of pain. Remus sat back on his heels and watched as the potions master's face grimaced with pain and then slowly seemed to relax somewhat.

"Better?" Although his first reaction had been one of amusement, Remus knew all to well that this had not been a enjoyable experience for Snape. He had had the 'pleasure' of undergoing this particular hex himself when he was a teen. Most of the boys probably had. The immediate erection the hex summoned always sounded as a good practical and innocent joke when teenagers discovered it. Only to find out that this 'little' hex was anything but harmless and innocent. Firstly, it could not be 'cured' by the victim himself but had to be dealt with by others. Secondly, the climax was really painful and the longer one was under the influance of the hex, the more painful the release became. It really could evoke excruciating pain. And when it was at that stage, it also could damage veins and tissue and give lasting damage. No surprise it was considered to be a Dark hex.

"Yes, thank you," Snape avoided any eyecontact as he stood up and straightened his clothing.

"Who did this to you?" Remus also stood up.

"As I stated before - that is none of your business," the potions master snarled, still refusing to look at him, or even in his direction for that matter. "You helped me out and for that I thank you. Now, go and spread the news. You will make yourself quite popular, I can assure you."

"Whatever you may think of me, I am not a snitch," Lupin shook his head and sighed. "But seeing that you are back to your charming self, I'll leave you to it, then."

"That would be highly appreciated."

"I'm sure." Remus walked towards the door and then turned around. Grinning. "Just for the record - I can do much better than that."

"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. After all, mutts are easily pleased - feral urges and all of that." Snape smirked as the grin immediately was swept off of Lupin's face and the DADA teacher gave him a hurt look before he quickly left and closed the door with a loud 'bang'.