phoenix ashes
from boy to man



Draco hardly could stay awake during Defence class; he kept on dozing off, missing half of what was being told

It was the last day of school, Christmas would come, and he wanted go home, back to the Manor.

There was a knock on the door, without waiting for an answer the person entered

A tall man, dressed in blackwearing a long robeleather glovesholding a cane with a snakehead.

His hair was long and silver blond. He had a pale facegrey eyes

He made quite an impression.

Draco heard the door as well; he looked upand saw his father Lucius

Everybody in class had his eyes on Lucius


He called out while looking through the classroom

Draco got up from his seat "Here father."

Lucius made a gesture with his cane to order his son to come; the young blond wizard packed his bag and went up to the path where his father was waiting for him.

Without saying anything they left.

"Whats going on father? " he askedglad he saved him from Defence class

Lucius didnt say anything, he just grinned at his son.

Draco followedjust saying nothing only the password to enter the Slytherin room.

Next was the boys bedroomhe was usually sharing with others, but they were now in class so noone was there

Draco looked at his bedthere was a young woman sittingshe had red shoulder length hair, baby blue eyes and a pale skinshe was hardly wearing any make up, just some lip gloss with a light red colour

She was dressed in a purple/black velvet dressslim around the waisthigh heeled black bootsand lace gloves

"Dracothis is Gwendoleona, we met each other a few weeks ago at Knockturn Alley. We are going out now for about a week or 3 and I want you to meet her now"

There was a boyish glint in Lucius eyes

He pushed Draco towards herhe brought his hand forwards and took Gwens hand in hisgently he kissed her handhe blushed

"Pleased to meet you Miss." He added

Gwen just gave him a nice smile

The 15 years old boy charmed her

She was checking him out from head to toethe silver blond hair, combed backwards, his pale silky skinhis grey eyes, red lips

The boyish school uniform finished off with a black cloak made her smile again

He looked so innocent, she did hear worse about him!

But it was obvious why his father was so proud at him.

He looked at Lucius"Father, if you dont mindI am tired and I want to go home" while saying that he took place on his bedputting his cloak around him as if he was cold

He took a pillow and shoved it under his head.

He rolled up like a little child

Lucius stroked his sons hair"Of course I dont mind, my sweet little Dragon"

He took place next to Gwen and gazed into her eyes

He was not his usual cold-hearted self; this young woman brought him back to life

Gently he shoved her hair aside with his caneshe grabbed his wristand took the cane out of his hand putting it on the bed

She brought her hand to his pale cold faceand stoke his nosehis lipshis chin

He lost his youthhis past was written over his facebut she was charmedshe liked it

His eyes were somewhat sadbut there was a boyish glint

She forced him backwards on the bed by getting on top of him.

His long hair was draped over Dracos bed

She placed her hands next to Lucius faceand leaned over himher hair touched his face

She lowered herselftouching his nose with herstouching his lipsand ended up kissing him

Her body was against hisshe could feel he was excitedshe pushed her lower body against his

"You like that? " she whispered"Yeah" he whispered back

He closed his eyes and kissed her full passion! His hand was going through her hair

His other hand was on her hip

He pulled her dress upshe was wearing black stockings

Draco saw it all happenhe was amusedhe sat up and took a pillow, which he placed, on his lap

Lucius went between her legs

He was still wearing his gloves, but didnt seem to be bothered by that

Gwen found it very exciting anyway!

She had a fetish for dressed up men!

He started to touch hermaking gentle massaging movements with 2 fingertipsshe groaned!

She was holding her breath when he put his 2 fingers inside of her

Meanwhile Draco sneaked his hand under his pillowand started to touch himselfthinking noone would see it.

She moved up and down with his fingers inside of herMerlin! She enjoyed it so much

Lucius had stopped kissing her, just to look her in the eyes and grin

He starts to caress her clit that was so sensitive that she pushed his hand away!

"Nooo" she almost begged"I want you in meoh, now"

She went down to open his pantsgetting his erection outshe took it in her hand and gave it a good rub

"Come on, give it"

She climbed on his laphe was holding it up so she could sit on ither legs were now wrapped around himshe was sitting on it

He was holding her tightstill loose enough for her to move up and downthey were still gazing into each others eyes

Her eyes got lostshe saw Draco sitting behind them jerking himself off!

She grinned at him and lookedor was it flirting?

She pushed Lucius his head aside so he could see his son sitting there

"Oh my little Dragon"he smiled

His attention was now on his sonhe put one hand under his pillow and felt his erection

Gwen saw this and stopped moving; all she could do was looking at the men she loved the most!

Lucius gave Gwen a sign to go up to Dracoshe took the pillow away, shoved Lucius hand away and took over

Her face was now close to Dracosgently she planted little kisses on his silky face

Lucius came came onto the bed

Gwen bended over, she knew what he wanted to do!

She kissed and jerked Dracowhile Lucius pushed his hard one in her! So deep that it was hurting her for a moment

He wasnt nice and gentle nowhe was rude!

He took her hard! With firm pushes he took her

She took Dracos hard one in her mouth, hoping she wouldnt hurt the poor boy in excitement!

This was new to her

She could hardly handle this and had to let go of Draco!

Lucius pulled her up by her hair while staying in her! He put his arms around hermaking sure he wouldnt let go

This was so painful! But he kept on pushing and pushing!

He groaned"You like this ey?"She couldnt say a wordshe just groaned loud

He was holding his breath for a few secondsand just when she thought he was going to break her back, he came inside of her with short but deep pushesNextsilencejust a hot breath in her neckand teeth giving her little nibbles in her neck and shoulder

He pushed her forwards on the bedhe stepped off fixing his clothes and getting his cane back

She fell on Dracoit was quite rude actually.

She almost looked afraid of Lucius! His eyes were mean and darkhis lips were thin

He was hitting his hand with the cane

Draco was also afraidhis eyes were glued on the canewas he going to hit someone with it? What the hell was going on here

He signed with his other hand to Gwen"Come on"he said sarcastic

"My son will take over from here"

Draco looked at his father with big eyes

Gwen layed down on the bedpulling her legs upDraco came on top of herhe started to kiss

One hand was touching one of her breasts

Lucius came to the bed and gave his son a push with his cane"Get on with it" he ordered

Draco lowered his bodyshe could feel his erection against herLucius was pulling her dress up with his canehe had a glint in his eyes again

Draco came in herhe was quite insecure about itshe just held him, caressing his hair and face

Slowly he started to movehe slipped out"Doesnt matter sweetiecalm down" she whispered

When he was in again he started to move up and downslowly he started to go faster! It was now pumping!

He groanedOne of Gwen her hands were holding the pillowshe enjoyed it so much!

Lucius was still watchinghe leaned against a cupboardenjoying himself with an evil grin on hs thin lips

"Come on son, try harder!"

"Yes fatherhe groaned" he could hardly speak!

His breathing got heavy now

Gwen her body was shaking! She was about to comebut holding itshe wanted to come WITH Draco

"Come on"she groaned"Come onohplease"she was begging and biting her lip

"Oh Merlin!" Draco groanedhe threw his head in his neck"oh yeah"he went on

Gwen let herself gopulling his head back by grabbing his hair! She pulled it hard!

"Oooh Draco sweety" she cryed out"Ohh baby!"

Her orgasm was like an explosion!

Dracowas tiredbut satisfiedhe fell on top of herhe had a smile on his face

Gwen just stroke his sweaty blushing face

Lucius was proud at his son! It was written all over his face

His son was now a MAN!