phoenix ashes
all the time in the world



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They were always kissing on that stupid black machine of his, straddling the seat, arms wrapped around each other, tongues swirling about.

Lack of Kissing, however was what kept the Other One busy.

And HE just couldnt be bothered you know, no excuse other than being too busy zooming around, trying to keep his hair artfully disheveled.

Peter stood at the window, gazing out on the courtyard watching James follow Lily around on his broom.
"Evans.cmon Evans.Awww know you looooove me." trailed up to him.
Peter sighed and leaned his forehead against the cool stone of the wall. If he could just think of some way.

"He wont you know" said a silky voice behind him.
Peter turned. "Who wont what?" he asked eyeing the speaker suspiciously.
"You know what I mean" stated Lucius coolly. "And I promise you, he wont."
"I dont know what youre talking about Malfoy!" snapped Peter, frowning.
"Oh of course you dont." Lucius smirked, sarcasm rolling off him in waves.
"I dont. Leave me alone."
Lucius advanced. "Youd think he would have noticed by now. Or at least that ONE of them might have noticed, but then." He paused, stepped forward and hissed out "they arent the brightest of people."
The smirk grew broader.
"I said SHUT. UP." Snarled Peter.
"Did I say anything?" asked Lucius, his voice barely holding in amusement.
"Just be quiet" whispered Peter.
"I really fail to see why youre so upset" murmured Lucius, sliding closer. "I mean, if its as you say and you have No Idea what I was talking about then why are you so angry?"
"Why are you talking to me?!?" demanded Peter, ignoring the question. "Dont you have a Hufflepuff to torture or something?!?"
"I dont torture the stupid Peter. They make it too easy."
"Well why dont you pretend Im stupid and leave me ALONE?"
"But I dont WANT to leave you alone Peter. I feel for you, I really do"
"Youll feel my fist in your EYE if you dont sod off!"
"Tsk. Tsk. Such animosity!" chuckled Lucius, finally closing the distance between them. "When I only want to be your frrrriend.." He circled Peter gracefully, stepping lightly as a cat, his breath coming hot against Peters neck sent shivers down the smaller boys back.
"Why?" asked Peter bluntly. "What do you want?!"
" be.your.friend." Lucius repeated calmly and planted a kiss against Peters lips. "But we can talk about it later." He said softly, backing away down the hallway with a swish of green and black robes.

"Ive got all the time in the world for you."


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