phoenix ashes
virgin flesh



It was Gwendoleonas 3rd year at Hogwarts. She was proud to be a Slytherin girl.


She was good friends with Draco Malfoy.

Most of the time he was hanging out with Crabbe and Goyle, but when he needed some peace and quiet, he came to her.


They were now studying together at the library. Both at the same side of the table


Today somehow, she couldnt stop staring at himnow she saw that his eyes had a little bit of blue in themhis lips were dry, sometimes he wet them with his tongueHis blond hairalmost silver so light


She knew him for almost 3 yearsbut today; she was highly attracted to him!

In mind she was stroking his silky skinkissing his lips


She was falling in love with him!


If she could only be alone with himshe was dreaming


Hey what are you looking at? he asked while looking up from his book


Oh, nothingshe replied while opening one of her books


Ashe was afraid he would laugh at her if she told him!

Thingssuch as Lovewere unknown to him, well. With girls that was.

It was known he loved his mother Narcissa and his father Lucius more then anybody else!


Well, I am off to bed Gwen. he said while packing his books

Yeah, its late, I am going to do the same. She said


He didnt even wait for her, when she was done packing Draco was already gone.


She slowly walked out of the library; half dreamingShe couldnt believe she fell in love with Draco!


Halfway the hall she saw Draco sitting on the floor, quietwith a sad face

Whats the matter malfoy? she asked.she dropped her bags with books

He looked upHmm, nothing he said in a sad voice


She offered him her hand to pull him up, not that she expect him to take it.

But he did

All off a sudden there was a smile on his face.

She pulled him upbut he didnt let go of her hand!

All he did was staring into her baby blue eyeshe did a step forwards, he was nervous!


His face came close to hers; she closed her eyes, hoping it was going to happen! She could feel his warm breath against her facefollowed by warp lips against hers!

She opened her mouth a bit and let his tongue inthis was the best kiss she ever had!

It was holding for minutes!


Her body shivered


Draco she whisperedhe was still holding her handthey both grabbed their bagsHe pulled her after him through the hall, runningup the stairs to the 3rd floor!


We are not supposed to come here, she whispered

She also knew hat was behind that door!

Fluffy! Hagrids 3 headed dog!

Dont worry. He saidHagrid took him out for a walk, he wont be back that soon

He took his wand out to open the doorAlohomora he saidand the door went open

She didnt like this at all!


She also took her wand out when the door was openLumos they both saidand from the tip of their wands a little light appeared.


He closed the door behind them.


He took his cloak off and put it on the floor

Here we will be alone. He said while spreading his cloak over the floor

Join me? he said while sitting down

She still didnt like it, it was dark, smellyand they knew there were not allowed to come up here!

She took place next to him.

He soon started to stroke her face and hairshe felt his lips again

They kissed as they did beforeonly nicer!

She soon forgot all about this awe full place, she felt so warm inside.

While kissing he was pulling at her blouseshe took her cloak off. followed by her pull over and tie

Dracos fingers went over the buttons of her blouseone by one he pulled them open


All of a sudden the door went open! She quickly grabbed the front of her blouse and held it together with one hand, the other hand she used to pull her cloak over her head!

Draco seemed to be shocked as well


The tall shadow was reflecting on the floorthey both didnt look up but stared at the reflection


Draco? a familiar voice filled the placeDraco! Answer me boy, I know that you are here! his voice egoed against the walls


Father? Draco saidhe grabbed his wand to make a light againhe was calm


Gwen didnt dare to look up, she had pulled her cloak over her head.


You know that you are not allowed to go up hereLucius said in an angry voicehe slapped Draco in his fece with the bak of his hand

Where is that girl? he asked calm again


He looked around and saw Gwen sitting in the corner

He got his wand out and pointed it at her


Father, dontplease not her, she s my friend he said in a scared voice

Gwen heard the footsteps coming her wayshe felt a hand on her head, grabbing her cloak

He pulled it away


Fatherleave her alone! he screamed


Lucius grabbed Gwens hair and forced her to stand up

Her blouse hung open


Well Lucius grinnedhe shined a light on her pale breasts

Virgin flesh he said while stroking her breasts with his wand


She was sacred! Why did Draco let him!?


She wanted to scream, but she couldntshe couldnt make any noise.

He smacked her against a wallhe opened his pants


Watch this Draco, Ill show you how to do this


Weird enough Draco gave up to help her, he was awfully calm


He pushed Gwen with her back against the wallpulled her skirt up, ripped her knickers off her bodyhe pushed his big erection inside of her!

Draco! she cried out!

It was hurting her so much! She cried in pain

Lucius pulled both her legs up and entered even deeper

He took her wild against the cold wall!


Draco came closer, she hoped he would helpStop him she whispered through her tears


Instead of helping her, he grabbed her arm and started to kiss her therehe even licked her fingers

Isnt she lovely father?Indeed she is Draco he breathed heavyLucius was enjoying himself!


She felt him pumpingthe paint was getting lessbut she still hated him for doing this!


Draco stroke her wet hair, he had an insane look on his pale facewhere was the sweet boy she fell in love with!?


Lucius still went on and onshe groaned, not because she liked itshe was about to faint


She looked at Dracos faceshe grinned at himshe didnt know whyshe gave up and just let Lucius take her, what else could she do?


Lucius was whispering something that she didnt understandhe scared her even more


He was pumping harde r and quicker, soon it will be over, she thought

He puped his sperm inside of her, deep and hard! Squizing her arm blue


Brutely he pulled back and let her fall on the ground


Lucius stroke the wet hairs out of his face and closed his pants


Well sonshe was nice he pulled his clothes straight


Draco was standing theredid she see tears in his eyes?

Father, lets  go he said in a breaking voice


He took his wand out, pointed it at Gwen and saidObliviatehe put his wand away and walked out with his father



Where was she? What happened? Why there was blood on her thigh?

Where was the pain coming from

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