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Note from Aya: Expect Lucius Malfoy to be a bit differently described. If you don't like OOC then don't read this...the characters aren't so far OOC that you can't recognize them, but a little OOC


Sixteen-year-old Virginia Weasely jumped up and down.

"Ginny please quit throwing a temper-tantrum," Mrs. Weasley sighed rubbing her forehead in frustration.

She threw her head back and cried out. "I have ears!"

Ron, who'd been looking at his youngest sister in shock when she'd walked into the burrow after a last minute school supplies trip to Diagon Alley, burst out laughing. He grabbed his sides as he watched her hands slide up her ears.

"Everyone has ears Gin," Percy tried sympathizing with his kid sister.

Ginny gritted her teeth. "I'm an elf Percy! I have elongated ears and bleach blonde hair with roots.look at the roots; BLACK not RED, but BLACK! We're leaving for school tomorrow and there is no known way to lift an elf curse! If those stupid men hadn't been fighting in Diagon Alley this wouldn't have happened."

Two men had been arguing about some unknown source near Knockturn Alley. Ginny had just happened to be next to them when they had started slinging curses at one another. One of the men had performed the Elf Spell, but the balding, black toothed man had some how managed to duck, making the spell hit Ginny on her cheek. The curse had hit her full force and had thrown her back half a street.

Percy flinched and then focused his attention back to his piece of yellow tinted parchment.

Hermione glared at Ron as he fell to the floor clutching his sides, obviously over-dramatizing to taunt his sister. "Ginny, in the muggle world they have something called dye. You can dye your hair back to its original color. I can have my parents send it to me, but they insist on sending things the muggle way and since they're on vacation in the Bahamas I'm not exactly sure when you'll get it. Or you could wait until we get to school; I've never done a hair dying potion so the longest it could take is about a month. Lucky your hair goes past your ears, just remember not to wear your hair up. Your eyebrows changed as well, not blonde, but blackish brown...hmm!"

Ginny hadn't really been paying attention. She'd been looking in the mirror tracing the lines of her pointed elf ears and wincing at the burn mark on her cheek where the fighting young men had let off the spell in her direction. "Look at me! I look like a monster."

Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes. "Oh Ginny stop over-exaggerating."

Harry gave a small smile. "Actually, Gin it makes you look pretty and well," he glanced at Ginny's brothers before saying his last thought, "exotic."

Ginny literally growled. "I have been waiting all my life for you to give me a complement and finally you give it to me when I'm an ELF?"

After a fraction of a second Ginny slapped her hand over her mouth and her eyes bugged out. Ginny felt her cheeks tint pink with embarrassment and tears filled her eyes. Ron, who had still been rolling on the floor, stopped and squinted his eyes at his sister. Mrs. Weasley gasped in shock at her daughters' straightforward answer.

And that was when Ginny knew it couldn't possibly get any worse. "Why did I say that? I mean usually.I don't say things like that!" She turned to look at Hermione, who was laughing nervously, looking at anyone would be better than looking at Harry. Ginny narrowed her eyes at her and said, "Hermione what are you hiding?"

Hermione again laughed nervously and fidgeted with the bunched up clothing at her sides. "Well you see, elves are.well elves have this."

It was the first time Ginny had ever heard her stutter. "Y-you're stuttering. Hermione, you don't stutter," her voice cracked out.

Hermione bent her head down. "You are going to find yourself saying things you would never, ever, say. Elves are rather outspoken. The elf in you is going to speak full force, not hold anything back, mainly anything you're feeling, and then the Ginny in you is going to realize what you said after it's too late."

"So I'm like two people? Oh great, I'm already ugly, now I'm going to have two personalities."

"You aren't and actually, I think being an elf will make you more beautiful. I mean you were already beautiful before. You just aren't used to looking like an elf and the only reason why you have a slight burn on your face is from where those immature boys who think to call themselves men accidentally hit you with that spell. It will go away. About the appearance, well, Elves tend to be tall with a slim physical build, which basically means you'll be getting taller, not much, since by your genes you already are tall, but I'm estimating about three more inches making you about 5'8. Its almond-shaped eyes and sharp features characterize an elfin face, and you already had sort of a cute impish elfin face so the only things that will be changing on your face are your eyes. Elves are known to be very agile, but their slim build makes them a frail race," Hermione explained.

Mrs. Weasley sighed and looked to Fred and George. "So that means no more wrestling around with your sister, you hear me boys?"

"She starts it! Even ask her! She loves wrestling with her favourite 'ol brothers," Fred grinned and punched his sister in the arm, who in turn punched him even harder back. Rubbing his arm Fred glared. "Ouch Gin."

Ron had lifted his lanky body up off the floor, combed a hand through his hair and grinned devilishly as he walked up to his sister and pinched her side. "Look on the bright side Gin, all that baby fat you have will finally go away."

Ginny punched Ron in the chest, hard. "I do not have baby fat!"

Ron rubbed his chest and just grinned.

Hermione sighed impatiently. "As I was saying, since elves are descendants of the faerie races, they are blessed with... night vision. Ginny you'll be able to see at night. Another good thing is if you're going to be stuck as an elf, well, elves tend to live to an older age than others and therefore live worry-less lives. That's one reason why the race is so outspoken, they're a haughty race, and view the others of the realms with a tolerant attitude, very much so like the Malfoy family. Elves are extremely carefree and a flighty race. They have a great love of nature, magic, and music."

"Great, so it's like a whole evil kin of Malfoys!" Ginny sniffled and rubbed her running nose.

"Last I saw, Malfoy didn't have any elf ears," Hermione said drolly. "Which means Elves may be carefree, flighty, and a tad stuck up but they have a great amount love, hardly any hate, and they see good that others rarely see. It's why elves are always known to be in wooded areas. Nature holds wondrous beauty, what we don't see, they do."

Ginny lifted her eyebrow. "Ah-huh, oh yeah. I'll need to charm my mouth shut, Miss I-know-everything!" She bit her lip. "Sorry I didn't mean that."

Hermione pierced her mouth together. "That's the thing, everything you say, you mean. It's that."

Ginny rolled her eyes and made a suggestion. "Elf in me?"

"Yeah. It's the sub-conscious level of your thinking; something you know you would never say so you shut it completely off and so you think you really would never say it, but now that you're half elf you will in fact say it without even knowing you're thinking it. Am I right 'Mione?" Harry asked.

Hermione smiled a little at Harry. "Yes."

Ginny glared slightly at the tender look Harry and Hermione shared. "Oh gods! 'Harry jump my bones' is what Hermione's thinking so why don't you do it? Rub it in my face that you're in love with Hermione, Harry. Don't mind my little crush at all.don't worry I'll be fine. Not bloody likely!"

She flipped around and stalked up to her room. Her outburst was so sudden that her mother had just sat there in her knitting chair and stared after her daughter with unbelieving eyes.

Hermione brought her hand up to her lips and splayed her other arm across her waist. Fred and George smirked, and Ron just shook his head as he sat down at the dining table. Harry stole a glance at Hermione before his cheeks turned a rosy red.

Fred lifted the right side of his mouth. "Well that was fun!"

He failed at his attempt in humour and received a glare. Hermione sighed and looked to Mrs.Weasely, who in turn shrugged and looked to Ron.

Ron gave a tight reply. "I'll go talk to her!" he walked away mumbling. "Why do I always have to talk to her? It's not like I'm a bloody counsellor. Fred and George should be about doing this. Stupid talks."

"Ronald Weasely watch your mouth! And you know very well why you are the one to go and talk to her. No one else can understand her when she's upset!"

He knocked on the door to his kid sisters' door. "Gin? Can I come in?"


Gently Ron pushed against the door. It creaked open slightly and Ron let himself in. "Gin, you know I'll always be here and at Hogwarts to talk with you."

"Mrughmd, murma, mauurma," Ginny moaned into the pillow, her words muffled and jumbled.

Ron sighed as he tried translating. "You plucked yourself?"

A gentle rumble slid though Ginny's body. Ron patted Ginny on the back before he realized it was a laugh that had made her body look like it was trembling.

"Embarrassed, not plucked."

Ron gave a sincere look. "Yeah, I thought that sounded a bit off."

Ginny giggled again then a few minutes later frowned. "Ron, I know you're trying to help, but I really don't feel like talking at the moment."

He brushed his hand through her hair. "I understand nib let. Why don't you come down to dinner now, though."

Ginny flipped on her back and gave her brother a pleading look. "I can't face Harry or Hermione for that matter."

Ron shook his head in understanding. "I'll try talking mum into letting you eat up here. Yeah? How's that sound?"

Ginny gave a grateful smile and took a breath of relief as he walked out of her room.


"Draco, my father gave this to me when I was seventeen. Now it's time for me to give it to you. A Celtic priestess gave it to your great grandfather and told him it would pick his perfect mate in life; it would pick your soul mate. The one person in all the world you were meant to be with," Lucius spoke as he looked down his nose at his son in their library.

Draco lifted his eyebrow at the looped Celtic design of the necklace surprised at what his father was saying. "I'm supposed to wear this?"

Lucius rolled his eyes. "Oh don't be so skittish boy! Necklaces aren't only for the women-folk."

Draco held in a silent groan. "So how will I know when it's chosen?"

"The pain is severe."

Draco's eyes, which normally held no emotion, widened. "Pain?"

"Not for you, you little weakling. For the woman, as I was saying the pain is so severe.well put it this way if she's in Slytherin you'll hear her. And if she's not, most likely the young lass will be talking about it with someone. Gossip flies like a fly, most likely it'll be in the Daily Prophet. Now this Celtic pattern will be outlined in black among the woman, or man, whomever it may be."

"Man?" Draco's voice rose and he snorted in disgust, "I don't think so."

Lucius snarled, "Would you shut your mouth?"

Draco's body tensed and he gritted his teeth. "Sorry father."

"Now, this design will be tattooed in the middle of her collar bone."

"What if I don't like the person?"

Lucius pinched the bridge of his nose. "It won't matter, you'll be married by law when that mark is imprinted on the girl."

"Not really though right?" Draco felt the burning bile rise up in his throat and panic seep into the core of his stomach. He felt a bead of sweat pop onto his upper lip as his breath accelerated and his eyes slightly widened.

Draco did not like this!

"Yes. You will have all the rights of a husband, she will have the duties of a wife, now she may not be too tolerable of them," Lucius with disdain glancing at his wife who lifted her nose up in defiance. "But even if she doesn't love or even like you, she'll have a need to take care of you. That wretched Dumbledore can't do anything about it or else he'd be breaking a sacred law that the Ministry had agreed to many, many years ago. We all know what breaking such a sacred law means; Azkaban."

Draco, feeling rather defiant, glanced at his father. "I'm too young to be married. I don't want to be secluded from girls because I already have the one."

"Oh bugger it! You've had plenty, more than even me when I was your age."

*Yeah because you were busy killing people,* Draco thought and gave a silent snort.

"I won't do it," Draco whispered.

A dark look crossed Lucius' face. "Don't make me punish you. I hate punishing my own son, but you do need to be put in your place every so often."

Fear flooded Draco's gut. The torture chamber was the punishment Draco had been subjected to since he was small. They'd been getting worse and harsher as the years went on, but every time Lucius had presented him reluctantly to the torture. Draco could see the pain in his fathers' eyes. It was an odd day when pain could be seen in Lucius Malfoys' demon eyes.

"If you hate it so much, why do you do it? It can't be just because I need to be put in my place."

Lucius pursed his lips. "You will do this Draco, you will and that's final."

Draco sighed. He felt the fight rising in him, but he forced it down. He knew a part of him wasn't dreading it as much as he thought. He wouldn't have been blackmailed into serving Voldemort that's for sure. Lucius had been a good man until Voldemort had threatened to kill Draco's mother when he was eighteen. Lucius had loved Narcissa so much that he hadn't even hesitated. Over the years serving He Who Must Not Be Named, Draco rolled his eyes, had hardened and even made Lucius cruel. There were two sides to that man, an evil malicious side, and a love or hate side, but the hate usually outlasted the love. Draco really didn't expect love to show through his father. He got enough from his mother, but the one thing both his parents and he agreed on was their disdain for mudbloods, Dumbledore, Potter, and The Weasely's.

Draco went to his room and flopped on the black satin sheets of his bed. His usually stiff hair was loose and rumpled; his grey eyes drooped as tiredness set in.

"This is going to be a long year. I can already tell. Gods!" Draco let his worry slip aside as he drifted to sleep.

To Be Continued.



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